Grace Baptist Church is a congregational ruled church. This means that the authority to decide all matters of church life resides with our members.  We believe that God is pleased to act through the wise, biblically informed, and Spirit-led decisions of His people (eg. Matt 18:17-20; Acts 6:3).  

At the same time, God is gracious to provide His church with servant leaders.  Thus, Grace Baptist Church is blessed with Elders (who give spiritual leadership to the church) and Deacons (lead servants who care for the practical and physical needs of the church). 


Grace Baptist Church Ministries with Elder Oversight

  • Missions and Evangelism Committees
  • Worship Committee
  • Counseling Ministries
    • ACBC Certified Counseling
    • Clean and Free
    • Jail Ministry
    • Post-Service Counseling
  • Discipleship Ministries
    • Preaching and Teaching
    • Small Groups
    • Sunday School
    • Children's Ministry
    • Youth Ministry
    • Women's Ministry
    • Men's Ministry


Grace Baptist Church Ministries with Deacon Oversight

  • Finance Committee
  • Worship Service Ministries
    • Ushers/Greeters
    • Audio/Visual Minstry
    • Lord's Supper Preparation
    • Baptism Preparation
  • Benevolence Ministries
    • Benevolence
    • H.O.P.E. Lunches
  • Building and Grounds