Our History

In the early 1980s, a group of Christians were regularly assembling in the home of Gary and Karen Campbell for Bible studies led by teacher Curt Bentham.  In time, the group recognized the need to begin a Baptist work in the village of Dansville, NY.  One of the families visited the First Baptist Church of Pavilion, NY and shared the vision with Pastor Ronald Stuart.  In turn, Pastor Stuart shared the opportunity with one of the members of his church: Pastor Thomas Logsdon, who immediately expressed an interest in the work.

On December 15, 1981 Pastor and Mrs. Logsdon and Pastor Stuart met with the Campbells and Bovees to discuss the possibility of establishing a church in Dansville.  Soon afterwards, Pastor Logsdon took over the Bible Study Group and began to direct plans for starting the church.

On January 2, 1983, the first Sunday services of Grace Baptist Church were held in the American Legion Building on Elizabeth Street, with 51 in attendance.  On September 11, 1983, the charter was opened as 43 members agreed to the Articles of Faith and Constitution.

The building program began with a ground-breaking ceremony on Sunday, April 14, 1985 at a recently acquired property on Main Street, just north of the village.  During the building campaign, 7 builders and their wives, sent here by Continental Baptist Mission, lived in travel trailers on the site.  Many other volunteers assisted them in the construction of the church building.  On August 30, 1986, during a special afternoon service, 325 witnessed the dedication of the new facility to the Lord.

In 2013, the church celebrated “30 Years of Grace” with thankfulness in our hearts to the Lord for His grace which enables us to maintain a faithful ministry in this community.  Though 30 years is relatively young, we are committed to the same Gospel believed by Christians throughout the centuries and proclaimed by the Christ who is the “same yesterday, today, and forever.”


Since her founding, Grace Baptist Church has been blessed to have been served by faithful pastors: 

Tom Logsdon  1983-1987

Steve Harduk  1987-1998

Drue Corbett  1999-2009 

David Theobald  2010 - Present