Grace Baptist Church

 Dansville, NY



Stacie Gibson is Matt's wife, a mother of 4, a busy homemaker and home-educator in addition to being a certified ACBC counselor.  She is a guest blogger at Biblical Counseling for Women.

Barb Leaman is a children's Sunday School teacher and a teacher's aide for the Hornell Jr and Sr. High Schools.  She is wife to Glenn and mother to an adult daughter.

Dave Theobald
is the preaching and teaching elder at Grace Baptist Church.  He is married to Jamie and has two sons, Job and Jonathan.

Rob Wilson is a deacon of Grace Baptist Church, a veterinarian specializing in large animals, a farmer, a husband to Kim, and father to 3 energetic kids.  

Ustad ("teacher," in local dialect) is a global partner of GBC, who shares stories and perspectives from the field, for our encouragement and to help orient us on things eternal. 

Grace Notes Blog Posts


What is Most Important This Christmas?

On a recent cold and clear night, I happened to notice just how brilliant and beautiful the stars were. A comet streaked all the way across the sky and I just had to marvel at God’s amazing creation! Then I thought of the shepherds looking up into the night sky and how amazed they must have been when the night sky suddenly filled with angels proclaiming the birth of Christ! I also thought of how much the wisemen must have searched the sky each night to follow a special star for months, maybe even years to find Jesus so that they could honor and worship him. Why do I so often miss the beauty of the night’s sky?