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Blessed are the fathers who love and serve the Lord;

Mirroring his Savior to the ones whom he adores

Teaching godly lessons through what happens every day and

Showing Jesus' path is sure--the Light, the Truth, the Way.


Blessed are the families whose fathers humbly lead 

Showing them the love of God in every word and deed;

In playtime or in discipline they show the Father's grace

So when they look into dad's eyes they see the Father's face.


Blessed are those grieving the loss of their own dad.

Or those who never knew him, it's normal to be sad.

But God loves to father the orphan, dry your eyes and praises sing!

Arms opened wide, He will provide-our Father, Savior, King!


Blessed are the fathers who treat their sweethearts well. 

Forming a bond to stand upon-a sweet home in which to dwell.

From dad they'll learn to treat their mom with the love and respect that's due,

Because that's the way they'll treat their spouses when they get married too!


So on this Father's Day make sure you send or make a card.

Give him love and appreciation, it isn't very hard.

Let him do his favorite things-grill, nap, be with the guys.

Tell dad that you love him-and don't forget those ties!