OCTOBER 28th  2023

Women of all ages, please plan to attend the 13th Annual Women of the Word Conference at Grace Baptist Church in Dansville, NY. 

The conference will be held October 28th 2023 from 8:30 am - 2:00 pm.  The conference, snacks, and lunch are provided free of charge, by the women of Grace Baptist Church. 

Featured Speaker: Janet Sayre
Conference Schedule ( subject to change)

8:30-9:00   Registration

9:00-9:15    Welcome and Worship

9:15-10:00    Session 1: 

10:00-10:30 Break & Small Group 

10:40-11:15  Session 2

11:15-12:15    Break & Small Group 

12:30-1:15     Lunch 

1:15-2:00      Session 3

2:00    Closing with Worship 

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Past Conference Themes, Keynote (and Breakout) Speakers

2010 - Becoming a Woman of the Word with Debbie Dutko (Jamie Theobald, Diana Gressinger, Theresa Gaudet, Stacie Gibson)

2011 - The Trustworthiness of God's Word with Liz Lockwood (Tracy Howard, Theresa Gaudet)

2012 - Forgiven to Love with Sky Ferguson (Jamie Theobald)

2013 - Through the Years with Marlene Theobald

2014 - Bearing God's Image as Life-givers with Diana Holbein (Stacie Gibson)

2015 - Focusing Outward in a Selfie-Centered World with Anna Moore

2016 - God Is... with Ruth Froese 

2017 - Psalms of Refreshment with Sola Prince

2018 - Delighting in the Lord with Diana Holbein

2019 - asdfa

2020 - asdfasdf

2021 - Water-Carriers for Christ: Cultivating a Heart for Evangelism with Ruthie Fletcher

Listen to Select Messages from Past Conferences