Grace Baptist Church

 Dansville, NY

Foundations: An Exposition of Genesis 1-11

Foundations: An Exposition of Genesis 1-11 is our current preaching series.  We live in a culture that is actively embracing an atheistic, materialistic worldview.  The result of rejecting God and His creational designs, along with the notion of sin, is mass confusion about such basic things as science, gender, marriage, and sexuality.  Unfortunately, confusion on these matters is not found only in the world, but also in the church.  

In this series, during the last 3 seasons of 2016, we will study the first half of Genesis, the book of beginnings, in order to reorient ourselves around foundational truths.  We trust it will be a blessing to you as you listen.  Feel free to share these messages with your unbelieving and/or skeptical family members and friends.

Foundations: Genesis