Grace Baptist Church

 Dansville, NY

Foundations for Christian Parenting 

You don’t have to look far to see that our society is in desperate need of guidance when it comes to raising children. A simple trip to the grocery store confirms this...

One kid hangs out of the cart  squirting ketchup on the aisle floor.  Another throws a tantrum until he gets his Count Chocula cereal. A third is playing Jenga with the boxes in the cracker display while her mother counts to 3 in vain. And those are just your kids!

 The good news is that in His Word, God has provided the blueprint for raising children in the “discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Eph 6:4b).  In obedience to God, and for the sake of our own sanity, it is necessary that we return to the  biblical basics.


This Conference took place in November of 2013 and was led by Don and Marlene Theobald.  The Theobalds live in Hamilton, Ontario where Don has labored in pastoral ministry for over 30 years.  Over those years, he has spoken at numerous conferences throughout North America on the topic of marriage and the family. Married for 40 years, Don and Marlene have 4 grown children and a bunch of grandchildren.



Foundatons for Christian Parenting