Grounded, Guarded, and Growing in the Knowledge of Christ (2 Peter)

Among the many dangers faced by all Christians at all times and in all places are two in particular.  The first is suffering and persecution, arising from the outside.  This was the occasion for Peter's first letter.  The second danger Christians face comes from within.  It is the perennial danger of false teachers and their damnable doctrine.  This is the occasion for Peter's second letter.

In both cases, as Peter himself explains in 2 Peter 3:1, Christians need to be "stirred up" by way of constant reminders of the truth.  It is a living and active knowledge of the truth; indeed, a deep and personal knowledge of Jesus Christ that is going to ground us in the faith, guard us from being deceived by false teachers, and grow us in our faith and sanctification while we wait for His glorious appearing.

We trust you will be blessed by this exposition of 2 Peter, which was preached from the GBC Pulpit in the Winter and Spring of 2015.