7 Letters (Revelation 1-3)

Wouldn't it be amazing if your church received a letter from Jesus Christ?  Wouldn't it be super encouraging to hear all the things that your church was doing well, straight from the King of Kings?  Conversely, wouldn't it be convicting and challenging if Christ wrote to mention the areas in which the church was failing to be faithful?

Well, believe it or not, your church has received exactly this kind of communication, in the 7 letters that Jesus wrote through the pen of the Apostle John to the churches in Asia Minor.  These letters are Christ's words to all of His church in all places throughout all times.

Thus, in the fall of 2012, our sermon series was 7 Letters: An Exposition of Revelation 1-3.  In this portion of Scripture, we discovered encouragement for suffering and oppressed Christians, and were motivated to continue as faithful "lampstands."  Furthermore, these chapters convict and challenge the casual and lukewarm, and serve to rekindle our "First Love."