Deuteronomy 10:12-13; Psalm 130
Gaining the Fear of the Lord
  1. Sin distorts everything
    1. The Fear of the Lord gets distorted
    2. The Fear of the Lord is reverential awe
  2. Gaining the Fear of The Lord:
    1. Creation
    2. The Word
    3. His acts
  3. The Fear of the Lord and His Acts:
    1. Acts of power
    2. Acts of judgement
    3. Acts of mercy
      1. Forgiveness is an act of free grace, not an obligation
      2. In His holiness, He cannot pervert justice
      3. Our sin is so great
      4. Of what it took to atone for our sin
      5. What love there was in the Father to send His Son for us
      6. What love and humility there was in the Son to come and die
      7. What glories are ours vs the eternal torments we deserve