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Grace Baptist Church is hosting their annual free  3 on 3 Basketball Tournament on Saturday, May 25th.

Check in and warm up is at 10:50 am

Start time is 11:30 am 

Teams for ages 12 and under



Please register by May 18th 



Rules for the game: 

For youth 19 years and younger
Double elimination tournament with three age divisions:
o 12 yrs old and under
o 13-15 yrs old
o 16-19 yrs old
If registration is particularly large in one age division, it may be split
o if we get enough young kids we will make a 10 & under division
Each team will be placed in division corresponding to the age of the oldest player on the team.
If you want to participate and don’t have a team, please come and we will find a team for you to play on!
Pre-registration is encouraged (space may be limited), but onsite registration opens at 10:50 on25th   May  and closes at 11am.
All three divisions will begin play at 11:30am with at least one court per division.
Games are played to 15 points or 15 minutes- whichever comes first
Free throws and regular baskets are worth 1 point. Baskets made beyond what is normally called the 3 point line will be counted as 2 points.

In general, our rules of play will be similar to the rules for “Gus Macker” 3 on 3 tournaments.


 Some exceptions are as follows: 

Gus Macker requires a four member team (three on the court and one substitute) – your team can be 4 members,but most teams will consist of three teammates; you can change your team roster up to the close of registration at 11am on the 27th
If we have enough all girl teams to create a girls division we will, but otherwise the divisions will be co-ed.
Our tournament is free, there is no registration fee. Infact, as it is Grace Baptist’s goal to bless our community, drinks and refreshments will be free as well to both players and spectators!
There is no “win by 2”- which ever team reaches 15 points first or is ahead when 15 minutes is over is the winner.


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