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Stacie Gibson is Matt's wife, a mother of 4, a busy homemaker and home-educator in addition to being a certified ACBC counselor.  She is a guest blogger at Biblical Counseling for Women.

Barb Leaman is a children's Sunday School teacher and a teacher's aide for the Hornell Jr and Sr. High Schools.  She is wife to Glenn and mother to an adult daughter.

Dave Theobald
is the preaching and teaching elder at Grace Baptist Church.  He is married to Jamie and has two sons, Job and Jonathan.

Rob Wilson is a deacon of Grace Baptist Church, a veterinarian specializing in large animals, a farmer, a husband to Kim, and father to 3 energetic kids.  

Ustad ("teacher," in local dialect) is a global partner of GBC, who shares stories and perspectives from the field, for our encouragement and to help orient us on things eternal. 

The Promise of the Cross

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By Barb Leaman

Friend of sinners, Godly claim;
Leaders grew to hate His name.
Who is this lowly Nazarene
That with taxmen and prostitutes is seen?

The cross was waiting, Gethsemane's plea -
"Father, if Thy will, take this cup from me."
From Heaven to manger to palm hosanna's to this:
Betrayed by a disciple's kiss.

Scorn, thorns, blood, and groaning;
His Father's will, my sin atoning.
Hanging on a shameful tree
Saving souls for all eternity.

I, so worthless, He, so pure;
His selfless sacrifice sin's only cure.
The Father's wrath came raining down
Settling on that thorny crown.

My Savior hung upon that tree;
"Father, forgive them," His heartfelt plea.
The hidden sun, veil divided;
Man with God at last united.

From the glory of Heaven to a virgin's womb,
Intro the depths of a rich man's tomb.
But He rose again, the victory's won!
God's perfect plan continues on.

Sin and death forever killed.
Now I stand righteous, Spirit-filled.
"Death - where is thy sting?" The victory's won!
God views us as perfect through the blood of His Son.

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