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Friend of sinners, Godly claim;
Leaders grew to hate His name.
Who is this lowly Nazarene
That with taxmen and prostitutes is seen?

The cross was waiting, Gethsemane's plea -
"Father, if Thy will, take this cup from me."
From Heaven to manger to palm hosanna's to this:
Betrayed by a disciple's kiss.

Scorn, thorns, blood, and groaning;
His Father's will, my sin atoning.
Hanging on a shameful tree
Saving souls for all eternity.

I, so worthless, He, so pure;
His selfless sacrifice sin's only cure.
The Father's wrath came raining down
Settling on that thorny crown.

My Savior hung upon that tree;
"Father, forgive them," His heartfelt plea.
The hidden sun, veil divided;
Man with God at last united.

From the glory of Heaven to a virgin's womb,
Intro the depths of a rich man's tomb.
But He rose again, the victory's won!
God's perfect plan continues on.

Sin and death forever killed.
Now I stand righteous, Spirit-filled.
"Death - where is thy sting?" The victory's won!
God views us as perfect through the blood of His Son.