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God knows that we are frail and that we are weak. So God holds us up, he protects us, and he provides for us. This doesn't mean that we won't suffer, but it does mean that all our greatest needs will be taken care of. We think that we know what will make us happy, but what we want is often not what we truly need or what will truly satisfy us. Our greatest pleasure will only be found in knowing God, and our greatest need is not to be free from the Coronavirus, but rather reconciliation with God. We cannot enjoy God when our sin has distanced us from Him. Our sin has put us on a trajectory of separation from God in a place of eternal punishment called hell. So, two thousand years ago, Jesus came to the world and put on human flesh. Jesus lived the sinless, perfect life that we couldn’t. He experienced the same temptations that we do, he partook in the same suffering that we do. Jesus may not have gotten sick with COVID-19, but I'm sure he got the flu, experienced many of the other coronavirus has that cause the common cold, got the stomach bug, and he lost loved ones just like us. Jesus chose to suffer with us, and then he chose to die on a cross in our place to take away our sins so that we could be made right with God; so that we can know God and spend eternity with him in paradise. The pleasure of paradise will be knowing and experiencing our infinitely loving and compassionate God. This Easter, let's contemplate the love of God expressed by his death on the cross, and how he chose to suffer to save us. Let's be reminded of the great power of God to save; the same power that threw back the Stone from the grave and raised Jesus’s broken body to perfect life! This is the same power that will bring those of us who believe in him through this pandemic and one day into the arms of Jesus!

 Happy Easter from your friends at Grace Baptist Church!