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Four years ago, I wrote a blog post entitled “What Does God Think About This Political Mess And What Does He Want Christians To Do About It?” Now that we have arrived at another Presidential election, we are still in a political mess. Most of the issues are still the same; however, the events of 2020 have worked to accentuate the differences between political parties and to further polarize our country on so many issues.

On the line this election is the future role of the Supreme Court- will it be controlled by those who believe in a fixed, literal interpretation of the constitution or will the court be packed with those who believe that the interpretation of the constitution should change with the times and the changing dogma of our culture? On the line is religious liberty and freedom of speech - is teaching all Biblical texts going to remain legal without the threat of being convicted of hate speech? On the line is our very form of government (constitutional republic) and economic order (capitalism) as socialism is being embraced by more and more Americans and to a large extent by one of the major political parties. And of utmost importance, on the line are the lives of countless unborn babies.

There are so many other important issues to be addressed (such as prejudice in our nation, police reform, taxes, health care, the environment, how to address the threat of COVID, and many more!) that I don’t have the time or space to mention them all- yet these issues and others deeply burden so many people across our country today! As Christians, what are we to do?

The first thing we need to do is pray (and consider combining it with the discipline of fasting). We need to be praying daily for our country, our communities, our churches and families, and for God to show us his will in our lives. Pray for all the candidates (even the ones you don’t like), and keep praying after the election (1 Tim 2:1-4).

Second, we need to seek God’s truth, how He views each issue that burdens us, and how God desires to work in our own hearts. Prayer, daily Bible reading, and discipleship groups are the means of finding God’s Truth. For more on how God views the elections, read my blog post from the last election cycle.  

Third, we need to vote. Even if you feel that your vote does not count- we vote to be a faithful steward of the responsibility God gave us as US citizens. Take the time to find out what each candidate on the ballot stands for; state & local races are important too. The New York Families website  is a good source for information on local, state, and national races. Plan ahead to vote. Know deadlines for absentee ballots, polling locations and hours, and give yourself plenty of time as things may be different this year with social distancing. More information can be found at the New York State Board of Elections website

Last, look for opportunities to share the gospel. Now more than ever people are expressing who or what they are putting their faith in. It is only God, through the life changing Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is ultimately able to fix the mess which our country is in. Every candidate for President, for congress, and every judicial nominee is going to fall short. Put your hope in Christ alone!