Grace Baptist Church

 Dansville, NY



Stacie Gibson is Matt's wife, a mother of 4, a busy homemaker and home-educator in addition to being a certified ACBC counselor.  She is a guest blogger at Biblical Counseling for Women.

Barb Leaman is a children's Sunday School teacher and a teacher's aide for the Hornell Jr and Sr. High Schools.  She is wife to Glenn and mother to an adult daughter.

Dave Theobald
is the preaching and teaching elder at Grace Baptist Church.  He is married to Jamie and has two sons, Job and Jonathan.

Rob Wilson is a deacon of Grace Baptist Church, a veterinarian specializing in large animals, a farmer, a husband to Kim, and father to 3 energetic kids.  

Ustad ("teacher," in local dialect) is a global partner of GBC, who shares stories and perspectives from the field, for our encouragement and to help orient us on things eternal. 

Grace Notes Blog Posts

By Dave Theobald

Yesterday, while scrolling through my Facebook timeline on my iPod with the dexterity and discernment one develops in a digital age, flicking away 99 percent of it like balled-up boogers, I came to a screeching halt at a link to an article written by Corrie Mitchell for OnFaith with the click-baity title: Let’s Stop Singing These 10 Worship Songs.  As a pastor and a member the Grace Baptist Church Worship Team, I am a sucker for articles, books, and other resources that refine my thinking and inform our practice of choosing God-glorifying songs for corporate worship. So of course I clicked and read.