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When a women becomes a mother, there are many things she has to give up, like time alone, a clean house, sleep, and a quiet dinner in a nice restaurant. These are all things which my wife, Kim, has likewise had to do without, but this Mother’s day she was really looking forward to once again enjoying a meal in a fancy restaurant. I was more than glad to oblige her in this request, and so I made dinner reservations for our family. As it turned out we did have a good time, and a memorable evening, but  just not the way we used to enjoy a meal out together when it was just Kim and me.

Upon getting out of our van, our two and a half year old daughter, Faith, bolted toward the restaurant, singing joyfully and loudly as she ran, with me in pursuit, bringing laughs and smiles from the people sitting at the outdoor tables (our daughter Faith is pretty cute and often brings in a lot of smiles even when she isn’t loudly singing). Once inside, Faith immediately tried to pick out her own table, but we were soon seated at the one designated by our waitress. After our order was taken and bread arrived, our five year old son Brendon managed to fall out of his chair onto his back. Fortunately, the floor was carpeted, and being our clumsy kid, Brendon is used to taking falls, and he took the whole ordeal well. Though I must say, I wondered if the family sitting a couple tables over, which I knew, had noticed. Not long after, I wondered the same thing, as I caught Brendon picking his nose (at least he didn’t eat it!).

Our meals were slow in coming, but it worked out, because the bathroom runs started. First it was Brendon. I led him to the single serve men’s restroom and Brendon promptly walked in on a gentleman who had forgotten to lock the door. When our turn arrived it was the typical ten minute bathroom stint filled with questions like why is the stool in the bathroom, who brought it, and “Hey! Why is there a TV in here?” Not long after we were back at the table, Faith became tired of licking the butter off the same piece of bread that Kim kept buttering, and so she decided to exit her highchair. She quickly made her way to the corner of the room where she promptly found some other kid’s pacifier. She gave that to Kim and then hid behind the door that was there, saying that she had to poop. Kim took that bathroom run. 

By the time they were back at the table our dinners were there and we all started to enjoy our meals. Kim had some grilled tuna and offered a taste to the kids. Brendon tried it and said “that taste like cat pee smells; I mean cat food smells.”  Despite that description we all enjoyed our food and Kim and I managed to get some conversation in. There were a few more humorous comments, like after looking at the chandelier in the room, Brendon asking “why in cartoons do people jump up and hang on the ceiling lights when they get scared?” 

Upon finishing our meals we took our third bathroom run, This time Collin, our eight year old, had to go, and Faith decided that she wanted to come along for fun (Faith feels she must do whatever her brothers are doing and sees it as her duty to flush the toilet for everyone). This was another ten minute bath room stint, and this time a gentleman opened the door on us. Collin was just getting his pants up and hid behind the door, while Faith running to join him tripped and fell on her face. No one was hurt, and we all had some good laughs as we returned home from our Mother’s Day Dinner.

It reminded me, though, of what Mmoms go through every day, often all day long, and why Kim is so exhausted at the end of the day. It made me appreciate the patience of my wife and my mother (who cares for our kids on the days Kim and I both have to work). Too often I come home tired from a long day at work and my patience runs out quickly amidst the kid’s quarrels, questions, and spills. Thank goodness God does not get tired, and that his love and patience with us is like no other. I believe it is a special reflection of the image of God that He has bestowed on mothers and grandmothers that seems to make them be naturally more compassionate and patient with children than many of us fathers are.

God calls us His children, and though we often do things that are foolish and childish in God’s eyes, he still loves us and takes great delight in us (Zephaniah 3:17). I pray that God fills each of us with His patience and His love and teaches each of us to treasure our children the way He treasures us. Finally, I thank God for all the moms in our lives! Happy Mother’s Day!

Have you personally experienced the love of God? He longs for you to experience His great love and to truly know Him. The way to God is simple. It is through believing that Jesus died to pay for your sins on the cross, believing that He rose from the dead, and admitting that you need Him. You don’t need extraordinary faith to approach God; He will even give you faith if you just honestly seek Him. Start reading your Bible (the gospel of John is a good place to start) and find a Bible believing church. Feel free to contact us here at Grace Baptist.