Grace Baptist Church

 Dansville, NY

Wilson Family
In December 2013, the members of Grace Baptist Church unanimously elected Rob Wilson to the office of Deacon.  They recognized in Rob a sincere love for the Lord, which translated into a deep love for people.  In addition to serving as deacon, Rob heads up our monthly Mens Breakfasts, and teaches a small group that meets in Dansville, NY.    

Rob earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois, and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Cornell University in Ithica, NY.  He practices out of the Perry Veterinarian Clinic in Perry, NY, specializing in large animal care.  However, this is just a side-show to his real passion, which is farming.  If you are looking for Rob, you will likely find him helping out on his family farm, or custom-combining in his International Harvester equipment.  In his [theoretical] spare time, Rob enjoys kayaking on various bodies of water in New York State. 

He is married to Kim (who is also a vet) and the Doctors Wilson are blessed with two energetic young boys, Collin and Brenden, as well as a beautiful baby girl, Faith. 

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