Grace Baptist Church

 Dansville, NY

Our Preaching Philosophy

At Grace Baptist Church, we place a high value on the preaching of God's Word.  In an age when many will not put up with sound teaching, preferring instead to have their ears tickled (2 Tim 4:3), we crave the pure spiritual milk and meat of the Word.  Since it is exclusively the Word of God that can save and sanctify, we exclusively broadcast it.  Sermons from the Grace Baptist pulpit are expositional in nature; that is, they seek to explain the point of a particular passage, and apply the actual text of Scripture in a relevant way. Listen here to the most recent sermons preach from the Grace Baptist Church pulpit.

Recent Sermons

Jesus' Death and Burial

Pastor Dave Theobald
Luke 23:44-56

  1. His final hours

  2. His last words

  3. The effect of his death on others

  4. The pronouncement of His death

  5. The undertaker 

  6. His resting place