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  • By Rob Wilson

    Changing the direction of the conversation a little, I said, “You know Collin, Jesus is coming back some day and he is going to make this whole world new again. There will be no more cancer, no more sickness, and no more death. All people on earth will be loving and kind, never mean to each other; and we will live with Jesus.” Collin then asked “When is Jesus coming back?” I quickly replied, “I don’t know. It could be tomorrow or it could be when your great, great grandchildren are old.” Then Collin said something that surprised me...
  • Peace on Earth

    December 24, 2016 Rob Wilson
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    Holiday, Rob Wilson
    By Rob Wilson

    We live in a world, in a country, in which evil seems to be increasing. We are disturbed by the great divisions in our country, and the ever approaching threat of violence. We see great physical suffering even among our own friends and families. Can there really be peace on earth?
  • A Gift For All People

    December 21, 2016 Ustad
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    Holiday, Missions, Ustad
    By Ustad

    For the past few years we've been celebrating Christmas mainly with non-Christians, and having fun doing it!

    It seems a little abnormal.  After all, the other religions have their holidays, and we have ours.  Don't Christmas and Christian belong together? Christmas can be a great time for outreach, churches often agree, but mainly this involves rounding up a few prodigals--cultural Christians who come around on Easter and Christmas--and inviting them to our programs, rather than truly taking Christmas to people who don't identify as Christians. For their joy and ours.
  • Human Hands

    The Glory of the Incarnation of the Holy of Holies December 17, 2016 Jamie Theobald
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    By Jamie Theobald

    I’ve always found the human hand fascinating.  Sure, the whole body of a person is a marvelous creation of God, but the intricacy and abilities of the human hand astound me.  We grasp and turn a cup at just the right angle to pour a drink into our thirsting mouths.  Men grip baseball bats and footballs with the proper strength and finesse to gain points for their team.  Women caress the smooth skin of their infants to lull them to sleep or soften their cries.  The hand can demonstrate quiet gentleness and bold strength; it can also reach toward or pull away.
  • Work is our Reward

    Another Reflection on Heaven November 26, 2016 Rob Wilson
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    Theology, Rob Wilson

    By Rob Wilson

    What comes to your mind when you hear the word work? Drudgery?  Frustration? An angry boss? Or something you can’t wait to do?

  • Who Can Fix the United States of America?

    October 28, 2016 Rob Wilson
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    Rob Wilson
    By Rob Wilson

    Are you concerned about the state of our country and our world? ...The moral decline of our nation, the hostility towards Christians and Biblical values, the nuclear ambitions of rogue nations like North Korea or Iran, the threat of terrorism that has moved from the middle east to the streets of our own State, the race tensions and riots in our cities, the economic struggles that we face, the number of broken families on your street? This list could go on, but I’ll stop here for it is too depressing.

  • God as Host

    September 15, 2016 Ustad
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    Theology, Missions, Ustad
    By Ustad

    A common local proverbs states, "The guest is the friend of God," or even, "The guest is god." In other words, guests are to be treated like deity. Their every need is to be anticipated and met with a gush of extravagance. (To get a biblical picture of this, read the account of Abraham forcing hospitality on his angelic guests in Genesis 18).
  • Weakness is the Better Option

    June 22, 2016 Stacie Gibson
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    Theology, Stacie Gibson
    By Stacie Gibson

    If you spend any time on Facebook or other forms of social media you will catch a glimpse of  various  quotes or memes that might seem inspirational  or encourage positive thinking. One that I see on a regular basis (usually posted by women) is “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the ONLY option you have.”  Not too long ago, I would have told myself this.
  • By Rob Wilson

    Early this spring, on one of the first warm and sunny weekends, when the grass had just turned a brilliant green, my wife and I decided to take the family to the park for a picnic after church. It was such a beautiful day, with dazzling sunshine, a perfect blue sky, birds singing, and a gentle, warm breeze. The park was full of people, and my two young boys couldn’t wait to play on the playground. It seemed like such a perfect day, and I imagined that this must be a little taste of what heaven will be like.
  • Jun10Fri

    Why I Sit in the Back

    June 10, 2016
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    Stacie Gibson
    By Stacie Gibson

    When our family first started attending our church we had a nine-month-old baby, so it was obvious that we needed to sit in, what our pastor calls “the peanut gallery.” As our family grew, we stayed in the back out of courtesy towards our  brothers and sisters as to not distract them with all the “pew wrestling” we were doing with four children. Now that our kids are older, it only makes sense we start making our way up front, right? No. We have chosen to stay back for two reasons that we feel are missional.

Grace NotesContributors

Stacie Gibson is Matt's wife, a mother of 4, a busy homemaker and home-educator in addition to being a certified ACBC counselor.  She is a guest blogger at Biblical Counseling for Women.

Barb Leaman
is a children's Sunday School teacher and a teacher's aide for the Hornell Jr and Sr. High Schools.  She is wife to Glenn and mother to an adult daughter.

Dave Theobald
is the preaching and teaching elder at Grace Baptist Church.  He is married to Jamie and has two sons, Job and Jonathan.

Rob Wilson is a deacon of Grace Baptist Church, a veterinarian specializing in large animals, a farmer, a husband to Kim, and father to 2 energetic young boys.  

Ustad ("teacher," in local dialect) is a global partner of GBC, who shares stories and perspectives from the field, for our encouragement and to help orient us on things eternal.